Bible Class


Our Bible Classes run for approximately an hour and are more in depth studies of various portions of the scriptures, followed by discussion and comment.


All are welcome.


8 January Matthew Pearce Rugby Angelic Presence in the Lives of the Faithful
15 January Tec Morgan Castle Bromwich Matthew 17-18
22 January Sam Tomkins Coventry The Tribe Who Chose The Lord
29 January Sam Tomkins Coventry The Priest Who Saved The King
5 February Sam Tomkins Coventry The Scribe Who Renewed the Nation
12 February Annual Business Meeting
19 February Martin Bullivant Coventry Joshua - Preparation and Commission
26 February David Rees Coventry Stiving After Holiness
4 March Nicholas White Pershore Jeroboam - Contention and Confusion
11 March John Sage Rugby Doers of the Word
18 March Simon Hooks Coventry West Faith Without Works
25 March Matthew Baines Coventry West God Giveth Grace To The Humble
1 April Dan Brown Coventry West Draw Near To God
8 April Ben Bramhill Shirley Taming The Tongue
15 April David Blacklock Coventry The Healing At Bethesda
22 April Dan Turner Coventry The Lord Answers Job
29 April Luke Whitehouse Coventry Gideon and Christ
6 May Laurence Davenport Rugby Out Of Egypt Have I Called My Son
13 May Ben Bramhill Shirley Thessalonians
20 May Kevin Allison Rugby Lamentations - He Does Not Afflict Willingly
27 May Peter Forbes Glenfield Where There Is No Vision The People Perish
3 June Andrew Lower Coventry The Lamb of God
11 June (Thu) - - Joint @ Grosvenor
17 June Richard Cooke Birmingham Garden of Eden
24 June Richard Cooke Birmingham Garden of Eden
1 July Darren Storey Birmingham Gardens in the Song of Solomon
8 July Don Pearce Rugby Milestones to the Kingdom
14 July (Tues) - Nuneaton Family with God in the Life to Come
22 July Adam Poole Coventry Water Into Wine
29 July Joshua Poole Coventry Healing of the Nobleman's Son

Last year's talks are available for listening here:

16 January Peter Forbes Glenfield The Thought and the Act
23 January John Sage Rugby Judgement and Mercy
30 January John Parry Leamington Apostle Paul's Message in Antioch
6 February John Wane Coventry The Standards of Perfection
20 February Richard Dargie Coventry Exposition of Daniel (part 1)
27 February Richard Dargie Coventry Exposition of Daniel (part 2)
6 March (Joint @ East) Sam Tomkins Coventry Simon Peter - Beholding The Lord
13 March David Honey Coventry Man of Sin
16 March Mark Vincent Stirling Study - A Boiling Pot and an Almond Branch
Study - A Woman Encircles A Man
20 March Richard Dargie Coventry Structure of Revelation
27 March Matthew Baines Coventry West Flesh and Spirit (Rom 8)
3 April Luke Foley Coventry West God's Righteousness Revealed to Israel (Rom 9)
10 April Simon Shepherd Kettering Why Israel Failed (Rom 10)
24 April Kevin Allison Rugby The Role of Sisters in the Ecclesia
1 May Donald Pearce Rugby Milestones
15 May Laurence Davenport Rugby Being a Shepherd of the Ecclesia
22 May Ben Bramhill Shirley Being a Doorkeeper in the House of the Lord
29 May Kevin Sweeney Coventry Reflecting Christ - The Importance of Sunday Presidency
5 June Michael Woodcock Birmingham Letters to Philadelphia and Laodicea
13 June (Joint @ Gros Rd) Roger Lewis New Zealand The Man of Sin & The Place of His Temple
19 June Sam Tomkins Coventry The Gospel of the Priest
26 June Kevin Sweeney Coventry The Power of Parables
3 July Sam Tomkins Coventry Luke The Beloved Physician
24 July David Rees Coventry Names and Titles of God in the Old Testament
31 July Martin Bullivant Coventry Names and Titles of Jesus
14 August David Blacklock Coventry Abigail
28 August Andrew Lower Coventry The Witness of Stephen
4 September Luke Bennett Whitestone Obadiah
11 September Peter Brown Coventry Rebuke Not An Elder (1 Tim 5)
25 September James Andrews Kenilworth Naboth's Vineyeard
2 October John Walker Nuneaton What Is Prayer and Why Pray?
9 October Chris Davenport Rugby Daniel's Prayer
23 October Jon Day Coventry The Lord's Prayer
6 November Jeff Sewell Coventry Ruth (Part 1)
13 November Jeff Sewell Coventry Ruth (Part 2)
20 November Peter Murphy Birmingham Caleb
4 December Nathan Walker Whitestone Joseph
11 December Mick Storey Coventry Galatia
18 December Matthew Pearce Rugby Laodicea


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